Medium Dirty Blonde
Music, Art and Piano


When was the last time the butterflies were fluttering about as you were about to explore your desires? If you’re here, there’s a good chance that you find this exquiste creature enthralling.

I am – just like you I suspect – someone who longs for adventure, connection, and excitement. I am intimately familiar with that emotion; I’m a lover of music, I sing and through music, I feel the pleasure of it all the time. Like music, I yearn to be touched, appreciated, and most of all, for someone to share wild stories with. I’m drawn towards the unexplored, the unconventional, the journey off the beaten path, I’m truly submissive and like music I give in to it.

You will find me to be open-minded and non-judgmental, dynamic and capable. I seek to create a safe space for you to express your deepest desires with joy and without shame. I honor your unique self and your whole being

As much as I love to travel, you’ll find that I’m perfectly at home in New York and I’d be honored to explore the city with you. On any given weekend, I’m likely to be roaming venues, exploring blues, rock, Americana,  or curled up in bed writing about breathless pleasures. I am a passionate intellectual; there are few things I enjoy more than learning. My extensive personal library includes books on sexuality, and spirituality, as well as poetry and fiction. 

I believe in self-indulgence and making every escapade unforgettable. My ideal dates are filled with spontaneity and a childlike sense of wonder.   Join me as we share a remarkable experience together, one that will only build in depth as time goes on