What Services Do You Provide?

Simply put, the only “service” I provide is the opportunity to spend time with a well-rounded woman that you have hand-selected. You are purchasing a luxury experience with a model, not a service.  Anything that may or may not occur is strictly a matter of choice between two adults upon meeting.  I will do my best to ensure that your leisure time is exactly how it should be: perfect.

Will You Join Me For Dinner?

I would love to! I consider myself a true companion and I would love to accompany you to a meal. However, this must be included as part of the time we book together. Please do not invite me to eat with you before or after the time we have scheduled. My business is my time and I am unable to provide you with my time “off the clock.” While I do consider many of my clients to be true friends, the nature of our relationship is business oriented and I would appreciate maintaining those professional boundaries.

Do You Entertain Women?

Absolutely! Whether it is a doubles session with another provider, working to spice up a marriage, or you are a female client looking for companionship, I would love to be the one you choose!


What Information Am I Required to Provide?

For mutual safety and comfort, I require prospective clients to go through a light screening process. I understand discretion, however, I like to ensure our compatibility by contacting other reputable providers who have seen you. For this, I will need your full name, phone number, the city you reside in, and the names of three references. Identification is required upon meeting.

The more information I have about you, the better. I like to tailor our time together to your tastes and preferences and I would like to get to know you. I also encourage you to learn about me by checking out the rest of my website and perusing my reviews.

What Are Your Expectations of Me?

First and foremost, I am a lady and will be treated as such. I will take my time to get ready just for you and I will cater to any wishes you may have. My wish is that you come prepared for our time together; groomed and with proper personal hygiene. I also prefer that you leave the donation in an open area with your ID (or you can show it to me first) and excuse yourself to shower & wash your hands before we engage in a deeper connection.

I Have Booked Multiple Hours With You, What Should I Expect?

For dates up to three hours, it is perfectly acceptable to enjoy the entire date in a private setting. For dates four hours or longer, I prefer to engage in romance out; whether it be a meal, a walk on the beach, drinks at a bar, or any activity of your choice. For overnights and travel companionship, I am happy to continuously be by your side. For these engagements, I do require six (6) hours of beauty rest and a few minutes here and there to attend to personal matters or to be alone with my thoughts. This is why extended time is heavily discounted, to be fair to you given my own needs.  I believe that extended bookings are meant to be a time to dive into a deeper, interpersonal relationship.


Is Your Donation Negotiable?

Absolutely not.  I have determined amounts that I am comfortable with and they are unwavering.  My donation is the same from Seattle, WA to Miami, FL; there are no discrepancies from state to state or person to person.  My time is valuable; I am a well-educated, beautiful woman with a rare personality and for that I feel like my donations are very reasonable.  There may be occasions when I personally offer a discount to you, but please never ask for a discount as I take this as a sign of disrespect.

How Do I Give You the Donation?

Within the first few minutes of our time is best; it puts us both at ease and allows us to fully focus on one another during our time together.  After introductions, I prefer that you leave it with your ID in the common area and excuse yourself to wash your hands before we get to know each other better.  You can also present your ID at any time within the first few minutes.

Is Tipping Expected/Accepted?

Tipping is never expected. However, gratuity is always appreciated if I have gone above and beyond your expectations and I will graciously accept. You can also check out my wish list which includes eGift cards, charity, and ideas for our next date!

Can I Extend Our Time Together Once It’s Begun?

Of course; please be prepared with additional donation when asking for an extension.  However, it is circumstantial; if I have other obligations, I may not be able to accept your request.